Who's CU RoboBoat

CU RoboBoat is a student run robotics club organization that focuses on educating student on working autonomous and robotic technologies. Where students and faculty members are collaborating on testing new ideas and concepts to further their knowledge of robotics and autonomous technologies.

The Challenges

RoboBoat was started by Earl Potters last spring. Earl is a currently a sophomore majoring in Computer science in the Engineering and Applied sciences department. When the club initially started with 5 members that had multiple disciplinary backgrounds. Despite having only having 5 members in the club, the team was able to build a fully autonomous boat within 3 to 4 month before the competition. The team competed in the annual RoboNation’s RoboBoat Competition on June 17, 2019 where the team won sixth place overall.

The Roboboat Competition

The annual RoboBoat Competition is hosted by RoboNation in Daytona Beach, Florida during the summer. Universities from all over the world would compete with tasks/challenges where the boat has to autonomously go through.

Contact us

Email: roboboat@colorado.edu

instragram: @curoboboat

twitter: @roboboatcu