Club Advisor

David Pasley

CU graduate student Dave Pasley used to be a former RoboBoat competitor and he is currently working on autonomous systems for the U.S Navy. Dave has been serving as a member of RoboBoat’s technical staff since 2016.

Faculty Sponsor

Christoffer Heckman

Club President/ Founder

Earl potters

Earl is currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science in the school of engineering and applied sciences. When

Vice president

Jack Biegal

Head of Electrical

Madi Chodikov

Head of Marketing

Michael Kim

Michael is currently a junior majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Communications. He is from San Francisco. During his free time, he like to play ultimate frisbee, cook, play tennis and go mountain biking. He is currently involved in Boulder CRU (christian ministry on campus) and Pre-vet Club. His favorite genre of music is pop and EDM. He favorite movie is Avengers End Game.

Head of Finance

Alvin Sheng

Alvin is currently a sophomore in the LEED's School of Business. During his free time he like to play with dog and cat name (Rucker and Plug)

Club's Spoke person

GRiffin Rucker

Public Relations

Lars Joehnk

Lars is currently a junior at Columbia College Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. Lars's major is a BFA in Film and Cinema with an emphasis in screenwriting. Lars loves Voice Acting! He has a few credits under his name is currently working to become a professional voice actor in the industry. In his free time, Lars loves to play soccer, watch hockey, and movies. His favorite film of all time is Titanic

Head of Mechanical


Kieron Zylstra

Josh Truong

Josh is a freshman and is majoring in mechanical engineering. During his free time he like reading about new technologies and His favorite movie is The Terminator.

Sid Puntambekar

Sid is currently a freshman and is majoring in Computer Science. During his free time, he likes to watch movies and do Tae Kwon Do. His favorite band is Metallica and his favorite movie is The Dark Knight

David Imola

Jacob Lawerence

Christian Gazelle


Vishwanath Kulkarni

Steve Evans

TEresa Ward

Brooks Dean